Friday, February 08, 2008

One Last Shpiel About Politics for Awhile

I have been going on about politics so much in this blog that I am boring myself so this will be the last one for a while.

The press and the Democrats have been acting like McCain is the GOP nominee already. He isn't. It has been the standard thing to say that McCain was winning because the conservatives were split between Romney and Huckabee. With Romney out, the conservatives aren't split anymore. A lot of them don't like McCain because he has voted for a number of crossover issues in the Senate including some that were pro-abortion. I don't think anybody can win the Republican nomination without conservative support. Romney still has more than a hundred delegates whom he has not released and he may well point them at Huckabee when he does.

Huckabee this morning was campaigning in Nebraska and used both "Wall Street" and "class rule" in his stump speech. If Huckabee wins Nebraska he will win lots of other states as well. He has the additional advantage that he is likable which McCain signally is not. Ronald Reagan proved beyond all question that Americans, particularly Republicans, will vote for brain-dead policies if they are attached to an attractive personality.

McCain has a substantial delegate lead but nothing like a majority. If Huckabee wins Nebraska Tuesday the GOP nomination would be wide open again. My guess is that this thing is not over 'til it's over.

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  1. GoNiner's Waittilnextyear3:00 PM

    Huckabee??? You would have to be brain dead yourself to take Huckabee seriously. His taking Nebraska is absurd, he couldn't even take a bible belt state like Kansas. Wait a minute...What's that??? Huckabee took Kansas??

    Never mind.