Wednesday, April 14, 2010

John Arbuckle once said....

[John Arbuckle once said, "You get what you pay for." Just not at the ballot box.]

According to an article in today's Wall Street Journal, our government is pressing the Chinese government to revalue the yuan, which the Chinese are only slightly and grudgingly doing.

The purpose of it is to make consumer goods more expensive in order to benefit the owners of factories. It is direct class war against American working people. This is the "liberal" Obama administration that is doing this. It is the identical policy pursued by the Bush administration. If we change politicians but get the same policies, is it really change we can believe in?



  1. Nick Danger4:08 AM

    Hey Jack! Wanna go get a coffee sometime? Maybe we could mock some Arabs afterwards?

  2. Hi Nick,
    The coffee sounds good, but the Arabs make fools of themselves beyond our poor power to mock. It is enough merely to point it out.

  3. Nick Danger1:32 PM

    Cool, I'll meet you at the plaza. Later on we get the Bart, hit a nice wine and cheese store, and smell the beautiful scents of our own farts. Good ol' fashioned San Francisco smugness. You in?

  4. Nick, (probably Raph') you have it ass backward. It is those too hip, too cool, to shop at Wal-Mart for whom you speak.

    I support those whom yuppies mock as fat, hair in curlers, bad taste, ill-educated, i.e. working class people.

    It you and yours who admire their own farts. The people whose standard of living I defend have farts that smell like the McDonald's burgers and fries you and yours are too hip to even consider.