Tuesday, April 13, 2010

No no, let me do it for you

It is actually pretty easy to be superior. Or so it would seem. If one is so much as average in brains and morals, one is smarter than half of all people. And less of a scumbag than half. So right away one is a better person than 3/4 of humanity. If one is so much as of average rationality and saneness, one is in a minority of an 1/8. And so on for each of the virtues.

The problem is with glibly assuming one is average in everything. For instance moderation is a virtue and has been since the time of Aristotle. I like saying moderation is a virtue, but I don't believe it and don't practice it.

Moderates in morals are compromisers without consciences or values. Moderates are pussies who won't take a stand. Moderates hang back and temporize though the cause is just. If some is good, more is better. A whole hell of a lot is better still. Bigger is better.

My intended epitaph, which I want on my gravestone, is, "Only too much was ever enough." I had thought of, "Too much was never enough" but I didn't want to sound extreme. :o) So I don't cut it as average in moderation.

One has to honestly go through the virtues and be sincere and insightful about oneself. I think that we will find that we are only average or better half the time. Which is why being superior is so much harder than thinking one is superior.


  1. Anonymous11:35 AM

    Suggestion for the epitaph of Jack Kessler's tombstone:

    'Here lies a man,
    who did only strange things,
    and never found happiness.

    P.S- Also a horrible fucking bigot'

  2. Almost right Anonymous. I have spent many a happy hour fucking over horrible bigots like you.

    I will admit to the strange things, and that I found happiness only intermittently until I got early retirement in 2004. Since then it has been all good. Life on Easy Street has been grand.

  3. Anonymous also illustrates by her example the converse of my conclusion. She shows us how easy it is to be inferior and not know it.

  4. Jasmin1:32 PM

    Alternate suggestion:

    'Here lies Jack Kessler
    A Zionest pig dog
    Long may he suffer for his war crimes'

  5. Here lies Jasmin,
    she claims to be pure
    but has men.

    She calls names
    because the facts are
    other than she claims.

    To her to attack is OK
    but to defend is a sin.
    A mental hokey-pokey.

    She would like to meet cupid,
    but no one likes her because
    she is stupid.

  6. Nick Danger11:39 PM

    Box Score:

    Jack +7

    Anonymous -2

    Jasmin -3

  7. Anonymous2:48 AM

    Nick Danger = Jack Kessler.

  8. Anonymous = clueless

  9. Abood7:33 AM

    Jack Kessler = a Zionist dog who frequently forgets his brain medicine.

  10. Dog or Pig? Abood, you really should get together with Jasmin about your curses. That is the perennial problem of the Arabs, isn't it? Inability to speak with one voice? Should we speak through an illegitimate monarchy created under the auspices of Standard Oil of California? Or should we speak through a deranged colonel? Or through a cult of religious fanatics? Or through a hereditary military dictator? How odd that the Arabs have so many choices and yet no freedom.

  11. Abood1:17 PM

    May your sins be forgiven by Allah, you dog, for only he can forgive the sins of men guilty of great evil.

    My people will always sing true to great lords of the Saudi, may they reign for a million years, may allah praise them.

    You are a zionist dog who kills my people, you are responsible for the deaths of millions you evil Zionist animal.

    And don't dare accuse me of anti semitism, dogg, I have loads of Jewish friends.

  12. Anonymous3:38 PM

    There was once a pompous man from El Cerrito,
    Who fed his fat ass with Dorritos,
    He thought he was worthy judging the world from his armchair,
    When mostly he grew mold from the crumbs in his chest hair.

  13. Abood, what little chance you have of having anything you say considered as coming from an adult you concede by calling names. It is a sign both that you are not an adult and that you really have nothing of interest to say. In America we teach children not to do that by the time we are eight years old.

    The saying is "If you have a case, make it. If you don't, pound on the table and make insults." Your calling names is your admission that you are wrong.

  14. And Abood, I would be careful about praising the House of Saud too loudly on the internet. In its manifestoes, Al Qaeda lists the Saudi regime first among its enemies, the Egyptian government second, the United States and Britain third, and Israel only fourth. And they DO kill their opponents.

    Of course the Saudi government is none too kind to its internal opponents either. Which I assume is the reason for your ass-kissing remarks. So it is a dilemma for you isn't it?

  15. Anonymous, your rhyme has improved greatly. A three syllable rhyme (Cerrito-Dorito)is no small feat. And you have a nice a-a b-b quatrain there.

    Let me see what I can do here:

    There was a girl named Anonymous
    with a face painfully plain.
    She opined with her anus
    for she had no use for her brain.

  16. Abood1:12 AM

    The princes of the Saudi are righteous and heavenly in their justice. I despise the Al Qaeda, as they are an American plot designed to deface the good name of Islam. You are a dog who conspires to kill millions of Muslims, in league with the Great Satan.