Sunday, April 25, 2010

Smashing a Gnat with a Hammer

[Ferdinand, Isabella, and Chris Columbus planning a homeland for the Jews]

Abood writes,

The Jewish people do not belong in Palestine, we support the rights of Jewish migrants to live in Arab lands but not support the existance of a racist state which discriminated and murders muslim minority. I welcome Jewish migrants back to Arab lands they left when Israel was created by Western imperialists, I hope the Jews help sustain the brilliant Arab culture they did before the second world war, I weep for their sufferings but what they do now is tantamount to a new apartheid against my muslim brothers, I cannot accept that, i hope you apologise for your conspiracy to kill my muslim brothers by supporting the filthy imperialist military outpost that is the state of Israel.

It is interesting that Abood should think that. The "racist state which discriminates and murders Muslim minority" happens to be the only place in the Middle East where Arabs can vote freely. The Israeli Arabs number 1.2 million people, one sixth of Israel's population. They are full citizens, have the highest standards of education, highest level of health care, lowest rates of infant mortality, of any Arab population anywhere else in the Middle East. They also have the highest earned incomes of any Arab population, far higher than Saudi Arabia's, for example.

So far from being discriminated against, let alone murdered, they have the benefit of Affirmative Action programs copied from American models. So that isn't quite true about Israel being racist murderers of Arabs is it Abood?

As to Israel being created by Western Imperialists, that is a strange description of the UN which created Israel in 1947. Doesn't that seem like a strange description of the UN to you, Abood?

Or perhaps you mean the British Empire which, under the Colonial Office's 1936 White Paper in deference to the Arabs, forbade any more than a handful of Jewish refugees into the Palestine Mandate? Such that refugee ships like the "Exodus" were turned back to DP (Displaced Persons) camps on Cyprus by the Royal Navy. Like the British Army which provided officers, training, and weapons to the Jordanian army preparatory to its invasion of both Israel and Palestine? Do you not know these things Abood?

So far from Western imperialists supporting Israel, the first diplomatic recognition of the new state came from the Soviet Union, not from the West. But of course you didn't know that either, did you Abood?

"I welcome Jewish migrants back to Arab lands they left when Israel was created..." Really Abood? Do you know the difference between "left" and "were expelled by Arab governments and Iran", usually on 48 hours notice? And that their homes and property were confiscated without compensation? And that they and their children are the Israelis politically least friendly to the Arabs? It is said, because they know you best?

Do you know that after the American invasion of Iraq, before the elections when the Iraqi government was a complete puppet of the American military occupation, the Iraqi prime minister still refused to permit Iraqi Jews from Israel to even visit the places where they grew up? In spite of American insistence. Did you know that Abood?

Do you know that no Jew is legally permitted to set foot in your Saudi Arabia? Is that your welcome Abood? Or is your welcome the howling mobs in Arab and Iranian cities screaming, "Death to the Jews! Death to the Jews! Death to the Jews!" as recently happened in Teheran? Here neither one of us can pretend you don't know Abood. Here you are simply a liar.

"brilliant Arab culture before the Second World War"? What brilliant Arab culture would that be, Abood? The great days of Arab culture in the Middle East ended for good with the destruction of the Abbassid caliphate by Tamerlane's Mongols in 1258. The last important center of Arab culture in the West ended with the expulsion of both Muslims and Jews from Spain in 1492. (In the Louvre's excellent Middle East galleries, everything worth looking at after 1258 is from Turkey or Iran. Not a thing of note is from any Arab country.)

Since then Arabs have been a cultural backwater ruled by a series of Mameluke, Seljuk and Ottoman Turkish empires, and then by the British, French, Spanish, and Italian empires. Even the brief heyday of Mehmet Ali in the mid-19th century was based on his Westernization of the Egyptian army, not to any indigenous Arab accomplishment.

What cultural accomplishments there were since the fall of Baghdad and of Granada have been largely religious, not secular. And we certainly see the value of that today, when religion has become a yoke around the necks of Arabs everywhere, a barrier to modernization and social progress.

And thank you, Abood, for bringing up apartheid. Do you consider it apartheid that the Jews of Israel accept that 1.2 million Arabs live among them? Or is it apartheid that the Palestinian Arabs are willing to fight apparently to the death to prevent Jews from living anywhere on land they claim? The Jews permit 1.2 millions of Arabs to live among them. The Palestinians consent to no Jews living among them. Are you sure you have your charge of apartheid directed at the right people, Abood?

"i hope you apologise for your conspiracy to kill my muslim brothers". In 1947 when Israel was created by the UN, there were fewer than one million Muslims living in the Palestine Mandate. Today there are over seven million Muslims living in the same area. As the Israeli joke goes, "That's what happens when you let Jews manage a genocide."

Tell me more about your brotherhood with your fellow Muslims, Abood. In 1991 when the Kuwaitis drove 300,000 Palestinian guest workers out of Kuwait for
having treasonously sided with Saddam Hussein during the Iraqi occupation, how many of them did Saudi Arabia take in? Indeed, with the Palestinians languishing in camps generation after generation, how many has Saudi Arabia taken in? Or Egypt? Or Syria? Or any Arab country? Since Abood seems not to know much, I will help him out. The answer in each case is zero. None. Nada. Zip. Bubkes. In the US, we have a saying, "Put up or shut up." Perhaps now it is time for you and your fellow Arabs to shut up. Don't you think so Abood?

And all but finally, "The Jewish people do not belong in Palestine". Abood, where are you right now? If it is not Saudi Arabia, how do you belong there? Shouldn't you get the hell out right now? Shouldn't every Muslim get out of Michigan and New Jersey and California and New York? All 700,000 of you? You don't belong here. Shouldn't every one of the millions of Muslims get out the United Kingdom? You don't belong there. Shouldn't every Muslim get out of France, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Scandinavia? You don't belong in any of those places. Get out.

Unless you are willing to acknowledge that Muslims don't belong in Europe or America and should get out, then you should shut up about where Jews do or do not belong. And you yourself should go back to Saudi Arabia right now and stay there. Shouldn't you, Abood?

As to Israel being a filthy anything, that is just a stupid insult. To which I reply in the friendliest and politest sense of the word, fuck you, Abood.


  1. It appears you are incapable of rational reasonable discussion, you propogate Israel lies, you lie with your teeth you Jew, you son of Jews, you bastard of Jews, you deserve nothing but the great cursing of all men of allah, wherever they may be in the world. May a million goats descend from a million hills to curse you and your race into the fiery pitts of hell, in recompense for the sufferings you have brought on my people.

    May you long sit in agony as a thousand years pass without another atrocity by the Jews against the Muslims.

    Luckily you cannot accuse me of anti semitism as my grandfather is Jew.

  2. Abood, when you get to the "rational reasonable discussion" part of your comment, get back to me. I am so glad you are not antisemitic at all.

    But tell me more about the goats cursing me. How exactly does that work?

    And... wink wink... good move on concealing your being a secret Jew and an Israeli agent. I think you have them all fooled, just as we planned when we gave you the envelope of US dollars. It was very gracious of you to accept it all in ones and quarters.

  3. It is typical Jewish lies to accuse good muslims of being anti semitic when they disagree with their apartheid racist state, one which keeps a huge wall seperating people from the land from which they have been usurped, a wall which seperated the privileged and the occupied, a wall which is a symbol of all of Israeli lies, all of Jew lies.

    You create some Jew Muslims to show off to the world, like a museum exhibit in your own country, you make these muslims jews, to hide the fact that you own an jew state for jews by jews for jews.

    Luckily in my country we were taught your lies, how you and the 'protocols of the learned elders of sion' are distributed, you refuse to acknowledge this, this does not surprise me you zionest dog, you who lie for state of lies, for murderous state which kills my brothers.

  4. That's pretty good Abood. You sound just like you mean it. I suppose that this is probably not the place to mention how grateful we are for your help in the upcoming operation concerning King Abdullah and Prince Sultan. You will be rewarded in US dollars and Swiss francs, as we discussed. You already know the Credit Suisse account number.

  5. You should read book by great German patriot, Martin Luther, entitled 'The Jews and their lies', you should know how much you resemble this parody you filthy zionest.

  6. Abood, that is soooo cool. You are simultaneously building up an insanity defense if anything should go wrong with the upcoming operation concerning King Abdullah and Prince Sultan. I am not sure how much luck you will have trying to pass yourself off as a closet Lutheran rather than a secret Jew, but it is worth a shot.

    But believe me, my friend and comrade-in-arms, the operation will go off smoothly. My friends and I will get a parade in our honor in Tel Aviv and you will be a rich man, one of those polished tone-y young fellows one sees lounging on terraces on the Cote d'Azur, driving sports cars on la Corniche with a hot willing babe in the passenger seat. I admit there will be some risks but the reward will be all the sweeter for it.

  7. Christy11:39 AM

    You mock me, your lies disgust me, apologise for the deaths of millions.

  8. Nick Danger11:40 AM

    This Abood guy is sure something.

  9. Nick Danger1:18 AM

    Apparently someone has temporarily stolen my identity. No matter, since the above entry by the impostor is not what I would have posted. Here is my comment:

    Box Score:

    Abood -22

    Jack +15

    Christy -3

  10. Nick Danger1:46 PM

    Actually, I've revised that list. Here's my new comment:

    Box Score:

    Abood + 89

    Jack - 666

  11. Anonymous7:46 PM

    Nick Danger you are an ass.

  12. Anonymous7:46 PM

    The fake one not the real one.

  13. Harvey2:14 PM

    Praise Allah

  14. Harvey said "Praise Allah"????? Boy, are you thinking of the wrong Harvey. While I would never use the term raghead, and would only very rarely call followers of the desert prophet useless stinking assholes, I would never post that message. Also, I would never post under a fake name such as Jasmine or Abood just to confuse people. Only a person who does not think he could win an argument fairly would do that. Salaam, brothers.