Sunday, April 18, 2010

Thanks to Abood

[Hajj al-Amein al-Husseini, Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, leader of the Palestinians, was "uncle" to Yasser Arafat. Here he is seen reviewing Nazi SS troops.]

Abood wrote:

"Please apologise for the deaths of milluons you sionest dog."

Abood provides as good a teaching example as one could ask for.

War Deaths Since 1948
The best estimates I have read, compiling and comparing six different sources, are that in the entire history of the Israel-Arab conflict since 1947, there have been some 43,000 to 70,000 deaths on all sides in all the wars between Israel and the Arabs. The wars included are the War of Independence 1947-48, the Suez War 1955, the Six Day War 1967, the Israel-Egyptian War 1967-70, and the Yom Kippur War 1974.

TOTAL for these wars:
  • Israel: 6,800-11,100
  • Egypt: 23,700-40,000
  • Syria: 5,000-11,500
  • Jordan: 7,100
  • TOTAL: Adding the above gives us 43,000 to 70,000 military (and up to 51,000 civilians, but we only have Eckhardt's estimates on this.) Other estimates for the total:
    • [TOTAL of MEDIANS, above: ca. 48,900]

Note that the big loser in these exchanges, though Israel has been attacked repeatedly, is Egypt. Half of all deaths have been of Egyptians. One could well argue, as many do, that proportionate to Egypt's enormous population, now exceeding 79 millions of people, that that is a lower percent of their population than of other countries. Perhaps, but as to the individual Egyptian dying in the war, the percentage killed was 100%.

In what is politely called "civil strife", as distinct from wars, another 14,000 are estimated to have been killed since 1948. Making a total best estimate of 57,000 to 84,000 killed overall on all sides since 1947.

This total does not include the Jews killed by waves of Palestinian terrorism and rioting mainly in 1929 and again in 1936, but also sporadically at all times. No estimate is given for these pre-1948 deaths.

Muslim war against the Jews a continuation of Nazi war against the Jews
It is easy to think that Abood is just a childish and ignorant man who speaks wildly and doesn't know what he is talking about. But even fools have their reasons. Somewhere in his falsehood and denial is the image at the top of this page. It is Hajj Amin al-Husseini, Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, "uncle" of Yasser Arafat, working for the Nazi "cause" among Muslims in the Balkans.

The people of whom millions were killed in the 20th Century were not Muslims, but Jews. They were killed in exactly the same cause Muslims like Abood pursue to this day - hatred of Jews. They are the part of the Nazi world that was not defeated by the Allies.

Like the Nazis who rationalized their hatred of Jews as having something to do with race, or banking, or Aryan women, or this or that, so too Muslims rationalize their hatred of Jews as having something to do with this Israeli policy or that. It doesn't.

Abood and his fellow Muslims can only explain their despicable racism by inventing fantasies, of reversing who killed millions of whom. It is Hajj Amin al-Husseini, Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, leader of the Palestinians, giving the 'Seig Heil!' Nazi salute in the picture. It is he and his fellow Palestinians who did what they could to help the Nazis kill millions of Jews.

THAT is where Abood and his fellow Muslims get such claims - by reversing in their twisted and guilty imaginations what actually happened - by denial of their participation in the movement which killed millions of Jews, their participation in the greatest crime in history.

So much are they invested in their fantasies that they overlook the vast massacre that actually did take place in the Middle East, the 1980-88 Iran-Iraq War. The best estimates I read are that the Iranians killed about 300,000 thousand Iraqis, mainly Arabs, and that the Iraqis killed between 500,000 and 1,000,000 Iranians, mainly Persians.

It was a war of mindless aggression on the Iraqi side and of religious and nationalist fanaticism on the Iranian side. Lives were thrown away by the respective governments with a heedlessness and indifference to life and suffering not seen since the First World War. As in the First World War, poison gas was used against troops and civilians alike.

Even if we split the difference in the uncertainty about Iranian deaths, more than a million people died for nothing, for the instability and irresponsibility of military dictatorship and for the instability and irresponsibility of revolutionary religious fanaticism. That million of brutal deaths is not the brainless palaver of a child like Abood. That really happened.

It shows how childish, dishonest, and irrational the Muslim wall of hostility to Israel really is - claiming millions of deaths where no such thing happened, ignoring a million deaths where it really did happen.


  1. Abood7:26 AM

    You lie you zionest dog, you tell awful lies. Apologise for your litany of lies.

  2. Actually, no Abood, I do not lie. I just look up well-known facts. But I can certainly see why you would be upset. Having one's fantasies punctured cannot be fun.

    Western children learn that there is no Tooth Fairy, no Easter Bunny, no Santa Claus as they grow up.

    So too Muslim children have to learn that there are no houris and that Israel is not the source of all their problems.

  3. Why do you lie, why do you elders of zion tell such lies to your gullible neighbours, in my country your lies do not get such traction, our textbooks tell the truth about Israeli aggression, how they murder and kill children, luckily my best friend is a jew so you cannot accuse me of being an anti semite dog.

  4. Actually Abood, I know your best friend. He is one of our agents and he is just waiting for his chance to kill you in your sleep.

  5. Abood4:50 PM

    You would like me to think that of Jews, wouldn't you you zionest man, you make a mockery of Jews, you hate Jews, you are self hating Jew.

  6. Abood4:52 PM

    I will be clear I do not deny the holocaust it is a great human tragedy, may Allah punish the perpetrators for the crime of genocide.

  7. Abood wrote,
    "I will be clear I do not deny the holocaust it is a great human tragedy, may Allah punish the perpetrators for the crime of genocide."

    We thinks so too. That is why, now, we try hard to punish the perpetrators of the crime of genocide BEFORE they can commit it again.

    That is precisely what the fight between us and the Arabs is all about. The Arabs want to commit the same crimes their Nazi allies committed. The Palestinians make no secret of it. The Palestinian Covenant explicitly calls for the destruction of the people of Israel.

    The difference between the success of the Nazis in destroying the Jewish people and the failure of the Arabs to accomplish the same thing, is that now we have the IDF.

  8. Abood4:14 AM

    The Jewish people do not belong in Palestine, we support the rights of Jewish migrants to live in Arab lands but not support the existance of a racist state which discriminated and murders muslim minority. I welcome our Jewish friends back to Arab lands they left when Israel was created by Western imperialists, I hope the Jews help sustain the brilliant Arab culture they did before the second world war, I weep for their sufferings but what they do now is tantamount to a new apartheid against my muslim brothers, I cannot accept that, i hope you apologise for your conspiracy to kill my muslim brothers by supporting the filthy imperialist military outpost that is the state of Israel.

  9. Abood2:28 PM

    I still await your apology for your support of the evil Imperialist Israeli state, the butcherer of Muslims and institutors of apartheid, the killers of children and the friends etc.

  10. Abood2:30 PM

    Luckily you cannot accuse me of anti semitism as my uncle is jew