Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Trip Report #1

From near Baldwin, Wisconsin

Monday night - Redeye from SFO to Minneapolis-St.Paul via Atlanta.

Tuesday - finished assemblng new folding bicycle in Minneapolis-St. Paul airport
Spent whole rest of day trying to get out of Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul thicket of suburbs and exurbs.

Wednesday - discovered that the Mississippi is NOT the Wisconsin state line. Twenty more miles to St. Croix River which IS the state line. I was roughly and unambiguously apprised that my vision of Wisconsin as flat cornfields was flat wrong. It is rolling, partly wooded country which is tiring and slow to bicycle through. I got about half as far as I expected today. I expect no better tomorrow.

My stamina and muscle tone are both poor but greatly improved from a month ago and already improving on this trip.


  1. Hey Jackson, way to go, getting on the bike again. So what is the goal this time? Are you going to ride along the Mississippi all the way to New Orleans? I guess it must be all down hill. Maybe you could build a raft...

  2. Anonymous3:47 PM

    Where you off to? Your sister wants to know.

  3. Thanks Harv, but it's already been done. In any case "Jackleberry Finn and Person of Color Jim" hasn't much ring to it.

  4. Hi Naomi or Gail,
    Endpoint is Milwaukee. Did I ever tell you about the famous baseball pitcher, Mel Famey?


  5. Bravo! Keep up the good work.