Saturday, April 24, 2010

Trip Report #3

[William of Occam's weapon of choice]

While the rolling terrain is a pain in the ass, it is also the perfect dose of exercise - never too much nor too little.

Yesterday was the first day I have been in good enough shape to mess myself up. I rode from Menomonie at 9:30 and got to a motel in Osseo at 8:30 in the dark. I started to do this or that in the motel room and then involuntarily passed out for a couple of hours. After I came to I went to bed at midnight but was awake long enough to get a muscle spasm in my leg. Which didn't hurt any more than having one's leg sliced open with a dull razor. After that I slept until 11:30.

There was thunder last night and it is raining today and expected to rain all day. Which is fine since resting today is somewhere between a good idea and a necessity.

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  1. They say Osseo is lovely this time of year. Or is it Paris? One of them is lovely.